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Meridian has worked in various industry sectors and locations

Since 1998, Meridian Management has been delivering projects on-time and on-budget with high standards of quality, and Meridian has never had any of its projects go into litigation or arbitration. We have successfully managed projects in numerous industry sectors that are both large and small, for both non-profit and for-profit entities, and all across the State of Alaska. Please click on the sectors below to see the specific projects that Meridian has worked on.

Government Facilities

Meridian has managed projects for federal, state and local government entities. We have managed projects from small to large, and in a variety of locations across the State of Alaska. We are adept at managing prevailing wage programs, public procurements and ensuring bonding and insurance requirements are met. We have also managed projects for non-governmental entities that have received governmental funding.


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Under subcontract to Kitchell CEM Inc., Meridian filled the Technical Inspector position for the construction of the new commissary on Ft. Wainwright, Alaska.  This on-site inspector interfaced with the entire project team on a daily basis and resolved design and quality issues, provided status reports, maintained project documentation and reviewed pay applications.
Owner: Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA)
Project Cost: $9 million
Designer: RIM Architects
Contractor: CF Jordan

Under subcontract to RIM Architects, Meridian provided a full-time, on-site inspector for the construction of a new elevated platform and pavilion at Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park. Meridian coordinated with NPS staff to minimize operational impacts, and worked with the contractor and designer to resolve field questions. This project involved remote field logistics, a remote man-camp, significant heavy timber and Trex materials, and significant bear safety.
Owner: National Park Service
Project Cost: $700,000
Designer: RIM Architects
Contractor: Bristol Environmental & Engineering Services

Under subcontract to RSA Engineering, Meridian provided an on-site project coordinator to oversee the contractor’s work and coordinate construction activities with DOC staff. The project involved a renovation of Alaska Correctional Industries’ (now the Prisoner Employment Program) sewing and garment shop, including demolition, underground plumbing, framing, tape/paint, new electrical power and lighting, new restroom, fire alarm, air handling unit and overhead door.
Owner: Alaska State Department of Corrections
Project Cost: $200,000
Designer: RSA
Contractor: F &F

Under subcontract to OAC Services, Meridian has provided technical assistants to support OAC’s facilitator for Value Analysis charrettes required by the US Army Corp of Engineers. These charrettes employ the value methodology standard from SAVE International on the Corp’s major projects for the US military. Meridian provided assistants for charrettes at Ft. Wainwright, JBER and Clear Air Force Base.
Owner: US Army Corp of Engineers
Project Cost: N/A
Designer: N/A
Contractor: N/A

Meridian provided construction administration support to RIM Architects during the construction of the new UAA/APU Consortium Library.  This multi-phased project included construction of a new 120,000 ft2, three-story addition adjacent to, and connecting with, the existing consortium library building.  Renovation of the existing 85,000 ft2 library was included.  Our work included assisting with submittal review, building permit issues, RFI responses, ASI’s, field observations, punch lists and closeout.
Owner: University of Alaska Anchorage & Alaska Pacific University
Project Cost: $22.5 million
Designer: RIM Architects
Contractor: Cornerstone Construction

Under a subconsultant agreement with RIM Architects, Meridian provided construction administrative support services for the construction of the Municipality of Anchorage’s Fire Stations No. 7 & 14, and the O’Malley and Eagle River fire stations.  Services included coordination and review of submittals, permit coordination, contractor RFI’s, ASI’s, field observations, weekly project meetings, punch lists and closeout documentation.
Owner: Municipality of Anchorage
Project Cost: Multiple
Designer: RIM Architects
Contractor: Multiple


Meridian has managed major outside plant projects since 2005.  We have managed all phases from initial design and permitting to record document archiving.  We have enjoyed great success in managing projects from Ketchikan to Deadhorse to King Salmon to Nome.  Our versatile team of project managers can handle any type of communications project from twisted pair to coax to microwave, from remote to urban, from local line extensions to new $88 million backhaul networks.


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TERRA-Northwest is a two-year project began in 2012 to extend the TERRA-SW broadband network from Grayling to Nome, Alaska using a point-to-point backbone of microwave towers.  The network will be comprised of three rural communities and five remote mountaintops.  Like the TERRA-SW project, Meridian provided multiple staff including microwave project manager, materials coordinator, office manager, contracts/cost accounting lead and remote mountaintop field construction managers.  This project is underway.
Owner: Unicom Inc.
Project Cost: $35.2 million
Designer: GCI Communication Corp.
Contractor: STG w/ multiple owner-supplied materials vendors (Peak Oilfield Services, Ericsson, RFS, Valmont, etc.)

TERRA-Southwest was an ARRA/BIP RUS project to construct a hybrid terrestrial fiber-optic and microwave long-haul backbone network to upgrade 65 remote southwest Alaskan communities to broadband and discontinue satellite connectivity.  The fiber portion of the network comprised of over 400 miles of submarine, lake bed, aerial and underground fiber-optic cable from Homer, Alaska to Levelock, Alaska, including winter burial operations.  In Levelock, the network becomes a high-speed microwave communications network with point-to-point towers between nine villages and four remote mountaintop repeaters.  Foundation systems depended on geology and location including rock anchors, helical anchors and driven pile.  This new network connected UUI’s existing DeltaNet microwave towers in and around Bethel, Alaska.

Meridian provided multiple staff for this challenging project including fiber construction manager, microwave project manager, full-time Primavera scheduler, office manager, materials coordinator, document controls specialist, administrative/contracts lead and four on-site, remote mountaintop construction managers.  The project was completed on-time and under-budget, and became a national poster-child “success story” for USDA’s RUS BIP Program.

Owner: United Utilities Inc.
Project Cost: $88.1 million
Designer: GCI Communication Corp.
Contractor: Multiple-Contractors and material suppliers (Marsh Creek, IT International Telecom, Peak Oilfield Services, Ericsson, Valmont, KGP, et al)

Under subcontract to Mid-State Consultants, Meridian Management provided all permitting and land acquisition services for the first submarine cable in MTA’s network. This project included coordination with the municipal power utility for Anchorage on one side of the crossing and multiple government and private land owners on the other.  The proposed landing location on the Anchorage side was the popular and very high traffic Westchester Lagoon area.
Owner: MTA
Project Cost: n/a
Designer: MTA
Contractors: n/a

This project brought the first fiber optic line into Deadhorse for commercial use. Meridian conducted extension planning and design coordination meetings to ensure that this project and a concurrent project with the local power utility came together seamlessly since due to the special construction of roads on arctic tundra the last 3 feet of unused right of way was used by the two projects. The project schedule required multiple forms of installation from large chain driven trenching to excavating and steam thawing and suction for utility crossings in permafrost.

The successful delivery of this project was concluded after a successful cut over on to the Trans-Alaska Pipeline fiber backbone connecting the oil fields of the North Slope to the pipeline terminal in Valdez.

Owner: GCI Communication Corp.
Project Cost: $1.5 million
Designer: GCI Communication Corp.
Contractor: Utility Technologies Inc

Meridian provided full-time project management services for a new 245-mile fiber optic backhaul network that connected Fairbanks and Anchorage and provided a diverse route for the existing Trans-Alaska Pipeline fiber system.  Meridian managed permitting, design, materials and contractor procurement, mobilizations, construction, commissioning and record document archiving.  The project consisted of both winter and summer construction phases of 123 miles of aerial and 122 miles of underground fiber optic cable plants, including 172 bores and 9 bridge attachments (up to 1,050 ft.). Winter construction allowed for significant cost savings for wetland areas. Coordination of multiple prime contractors was key to ensure efficiencies in cost and schedule.

The AU-NW Project was the first project successfully permitted to cross Denali National Park. This feat aside, there were also multiple regulatory agencies and corporate and private land owners that had to be coordinated with and easements negotiated for the final routing. Meridian managed this project from inception through turn-up, and delivered it on-time and on-budget.

Owner: GCI Communication Corp.
Project Cost: $20 million
Designer: GCI Communication Corp.
Contractor: Utility Technologies Inc & Alaska Line Builders

This new submarine and terrestrial fiber optic network connected six towns and one mine complex in Southeast Alaska to the existing Alaska United Fiber System (AUFS).  Both overhead and underground fiber optic plants, as well as nine tideland cable landings, were constructed.   Meridian oversaw design, materials and contractor procurement, mobilizations, construction and closeout.  Meridian provided on-vessel representation for one of the submarine segments and submitted as-builts to ADNR.  Meridian worked extensively with various government agencies throughout the permitting process to mediate and rectify conflicting agency requirements.  Once permits were obtained, we engaged the various agencies to ensure their expectations were met.  The project was delivered on-time and under-budget.
Owner: GCI Communication Corp.
Project Cost: $38 million
Designer: GCI Communication Corp.
Contractor: Alaska Line Builders, Reid Brothers Construction, IT Marine, Smith Cable & City Electric


Managing construction projects in active patient care areas requires significant planning and careful, deliberate execution.  Meridian has managed numerous projects in JCAHO accredited facilities (as well as non-accredited facilities) and understands the complexities of hospital building systems, Life Safety Codes (NFPA 101), EOC program requirements and Alaska’s unique CON process.



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Meridian provided full-time, on-site project and construction management services at Providence Alaska Medical Center (PAMC) for approximately 10 years.  We have managed dozens of different projects at Alaska’s largest hospital, including equipment replacements, electrical & mechanical upgrades, new construction and renovations.  We managed projects throughout the hospital from small remodels to multi-million dollar additions.  Extensive planning was required to deliver projects on-time and on-budget while maintaining the highest standards for infection control and minimizing disruption to patients and hospital operations.  Meridian would typically manage projects from inception, through design, construction and closeout.  Some of the projects we managed at PAMC include the following:

▪ Asbestos abatement program
▪ Emergency Power Supply System
▪ Auto transfer switch replacement
▪ Newborn ICU remodel
▪ Post Anesthesia Unit expansion
▪ CAT Scan Rooms 1 and 2 renovation
▪ Supply Fan 22A installation
▪ Inpatient Pharmacy renovation
▪ Chilled water well and plant construction
▪ Helicopter refueling station
▪ Radiology Reading Room renovation
▪ Inpatient MRI construction
▪ MIS server room
▪ East garage structural upgrades
▪ Ultrasound remodel
▪ PET scanner replacement
▪ Building ‘A’ Expansion – Core & Shell and TI
▪ L&D Nurse/Triage renovation
▪ Building ‘A’ lobby renovation
▪ On-call room renovation
▪ Nuclear Medicine renovation
▪ PIC tenant improvement
▪ Medical Arts Pharmacy remodel
▪ Radiology Room 3 remodel
▪ 2 South Sleep Lab renovation
▪ Volunteer Services renovation
▪ OR 5 & 6 cooling upgrades
▪ Acute Critical Care remodel
▪ Operating Room – Green Light Laser
▪ Core Lab counter reconfiguration
▪ Sterile Processing remodel
▪ General Stores tenant improvement
▪ ECHO/EKG relocation/construction
▪ Interventional Rad Lab 5 & 6
▪ MRI de-installation
▪ Radiology/Cardiology lobby consolidation
▪ PIC Fluoro
▪ Radiology Reading Room
▪ PIC MRI & CAT Scanners
▪ Outpatient Lab renovation
▪ Respiratory Therapy remodel
▪ Pyxis Relocation
▪  5th Floor Oncology remodel
▪ Endoscopy renovation
▪ Providence House renovations
▪ Cardiovascular Intervention
▪ Cardiovascular Observation Unit
▪ Physical Therapy relocation
▪ Unit construction
▪ Supply Fans 18 & 19 replacements and upgrades
▪ Children’s’ Hospital
▪ Radiology offices and breakroom
▪ Service corridor asbestos abatement and remodel
▪ Special Procedures Rm. 4
▪ TB isolation rooms
▪ 4 & 5 North Tower fire doors

Owner: Providence Health & Services
Project Cost: n/a
Designer: Multiple
Contractor: Multiple

After the Veterans Administration moved from the Alaska Regional Hospital campus to their new Anchorage facility, they left a vacant building of approximately 100,000 ft2.  The building is owned by HCP, Inc., a national real estate investment trust company (REIT), and managed locally by Lincoln Harris CSG, also a national company.  Meridian was hired to provide full-time, on-site construction management services for the demolition of the existing interiors, as well as manage multiple new tenant improvement (TIs) projects.  The initial demolition and core remodel was contracted to Kiewit Building Group.  While that work was underway, design for the TIs was occurring and Meridian managed the contractor solicitations for multiple TIs that would be underway concurrently.  Specific challenges included post-tension cables throughout the slabs in the multi-story structure, so building-wide concrete scanning was required.  Also, managing a program of multiple concurrent TIs with different general contractors working in the same building required significant coordination, communication and diplomacy.
Owner: HCP, Inc. (Nashville, TN)
Project Cost: $7 million
Designer: NVision Architecture Inc.
Contractor: Multiple

Meridian provided full-time on-site construction support for the initial sitework phase for the new 100,000 ft2 Samuel Simmonds Memorial Hospital in Barrow, Alaska.  Work occurred during freezing conditions in March and April prior to spring breakup.  Snow was scraped off the site and then a leveling course was placed, followed by geotextile fabric, two layers of foamboard insulation and top course.  The fabric was pinned with a freeze-back slurry, and culverts were also installed at the site access driveway.  Duties included verification of quantities placed, creation of daily progress report and daily photo documentation.
Owner: Arctic Slope Native Association (ASNA)
Project Cost: $100 million
Designer: HDR/RIM
Contractor: UIC- SKW Eskimos JV

Meridian provided project management services for the owner throughout the design, construction and occupancy for a new, state-of-the-art, 12,000 ft2 primary care clinic in Talkeetna.

During the design process, Meridian worked with the project stakeholders to identify the primary goals and constraints of the project and then proceeded to select a design team through an RFQ process.  In addition to the project design, our team assisted the owner with project financing as this project was funded by the Denali Commission, USDA Department of Rural Development and multiple other agencies.

Throughout the construction phase of the project, Meridian provided on-site construction management services.  In addition to construction inspection and administration, we chaired project meetings, updated the Board of Directors on the construction schedule and budget and coordinated the purchase, delivery and installation of medical equipment.

As construction neared completion, we were responsible for plant startup, relocation of existing equipment and pharmacy, new medical equipment installations, commissioning and occupant move in.

Owner: Alaska Native Medical Center
Project Cost: $4.5 million
Designer: Livingston-Slone
Contractor: Wolverine Supply

Meridian provided project management services to ANMC from the planning phase to occupant move-in for four simultaneous construction projects totaling over $3 million: a dental operating room build-out, day surgery expansion, main laboratory expansion and hostel addition.  During the planning phase, we worked with ANMC Facilities and clinical departments to develop project budgets including owner costs such as medical equipment, IBC required special inspections, etc.  Meridian managed the solicitation for the contractor and disruption coordination with project stakeholders.

For the new dental operating room, construction required work in the operating suite sterile core and was adjacent to a functioning operating room and required the most stringent infection control measures including negative pressure.

Both day surgery and operating room projects required substantial medical gas upgrades. This work required service disruption to the operating rooms, labor and delivery, and critical care units. A medical gas specialist was brought in to monitor the work and provide temporary service during construction. Thorough planning and coordination with the medical staff allowed these projects to commence without incident.

Owner: Alaska Native Medical Center
Project Cost: $3 million
Designer: NBBJ
Contractor: Cornerstone Construction

This predominantly HUD/NAHASDA funded project involved the construction of a new ten-thousand square foot transitional housing facility for substance abusing, pre-natal women.  From bid phase through early sitework construction, Meridian provided pre-construction project management services.  Numerous issues involving insurance, grant requirements, native preference hiring provisions, and design deficiencies were resolved.  Created and implemented new project controls for document management, project cost tracking, grant reimbursement tracking, construction forms, and project documentation.  Project was turned over to the owner for completion of construction phase activities.
Owner: Southcentral Foundation
Project Cost: n/a
Designer: Koonce Pfeffer Bettis, Inc. (kpb Architects)
Contractor: Tsedina/Dookoozian JV

Meridian managed the conversion of several office spaces into exam rooms in Southcentral Foundation’s Primary Care Clinic (phase 1).  Plumbing, electrical, casework and finishes were completed during ongoing clinical operations.  A temporary, fully functional swing space was created for displaced staff while permanent work spaces were being identified by SCF.
Owner: Southcentral Foundation
Project Cost: n/a
Contractor: Excel Construction


Meridian provided construction management services for over ten years for the multi-phased construction and remodel of the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport.




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Phase II of the Seismic and Security Retrofit Project at the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport continued efforts from Phase I with the same project team, but with an expanded scope and duration of work.  Meridian continued to provide resident engineer, mechanical field engineer, electrical field engineer and lead/structural field engineer positions, and the lead field engineer also assumed baggage handling systems responsibilities. Phase II encompassed 279,189 ft2 of the terminal, as well as some fuel line and utility work on the hardstand aircraft aprons. This phase completed the land-side façade reconstruction as well as the remaining western portion of the ticketing lobby (counters, granite flooring, ceiling, lighting, ticketing offices, etc.). Phase II also reconstructed Concourse ‘B’, demolishing the entire second floor (departure gates) and rebuilding it.  Beneath the departure gates, all new baggage conveying equipment was installed, including new subgrade belts, X-Ray scanners, sorting belts and a TSA baggage hand-screening room.  Structural frames continued to be installed, including carbon-fiber column wraps, as well as major mechanical, plumbing and electrical infrastructure upgrades, including major reconstruction of five mechanical rooms.  Significant re-roofing of the terminal areas were also completed. Phase II also involved replacement of finishes in the existing Concourse ‘A’ including ceilings, lighting and flooring.

Similar to Phase I, Meridian interfaced daily with the general contractor, subcontractors, IBC special inspectors, airport facilities staff and the design team.  Meridian documented progress, monitored quality, resolved RFI’s and supported change order reviews, reviewed pay applications, coordinated disruptions and actively participated throughout formal commissioning and closeout processes.

Owner: Alaska Dept. of Transportation & Public Facilities
Project Cost: $150 million
Designer: RIM Architects, Inc.
Contractor: PCL Construction Services, Inc.

Under a subconsultant agreement with Parsons Brinkerhoff, Meridian provided resident engineer, mechanical field engineer, electrical field engineer and lead/structural field engineer positions for the first phase of a major renovation and seismic upgrade of the existing passenger terminal of the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport.  This phase focused on the 65,448 ft2 core of the terminal, but not the individual ‘A’ & ‘B’ concourses, which would be addressed in Phase II.  Scope included complete replacement of both the air-side and land-side exteriors to match the new Concourse ‘C’ vernacular.  Significant mechanical, plumbing and electrical infrastructural work was done including replacing two major mechanical rooms and a chiller room.  Heavy structural steel frames were installed throughout the building to bring it up to current seismic codes.  Finishes in the eastern portion of the ticket lobby were replaced including ticketing counters, ceilings, lighting and new granite flooring.  Significant planning and coordination with airport facilities staff was required to coordinate the work and minimize impacts to the ongoing operations.

This project utilized a CM@Risk delivery method, and Meridian was involved in the planning phase, working with PB, the design team, ADOT&PF and the contractor to scope, budget and value engineer the work.  A positive team atmosphere was created at all levels to successfully complete this phase of the project.  Because this was an existing facility without thorough as-built drawings, there were significant RFI’s and change orders that were resolved.  Meridian worked to address these issues at the field level to minimize cost impacts.  Meridian interfaced daily with the general contractor, subcontractors, IBC special inspectors, airport facilities staff and the design team.  Meridian documented progress, monitored quality, resolved RFI’s and supported change order reviews, reviewed pay applications, coordinated disruptions and actively participated throughout formal commissioning and closeout processes.

Owner: Alaska Dept. of Transportation & Public Facilities
Project Cost: $43 million
Designer: RIM Architects, Inc.
Contractor: PCL Construction Services, Inc.

For both Phases I & II, Meridian provided full-time, on-site field inspection and contract/cost engineering services under a subconsultant agreement with Parsons Brinkerhoff for the abatement and demolition of the old Concourse ‘C’ and construction of the new 440,000 square foot terminal building at the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport.  Phase I included abatement and demolition of the original Concourse ‘C’, soil testing and disposal, new foundations and backfill, drilled caissons, concrete columns, utilities, structural steel erection including columns, trusses and decking. Phase II included additional abatement and contaminated soil removal, and select demolition, new concrete slabs, fireproofing, masonry, interior and exterior finishes, roofing, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, conveyance systems, landscaping, pavement and jet bridge foundations.

Meridian worked closely with PB, the design team, ADOT&PF staff and the contractor to resolve many issues encountered on this complicated project.  Significant challenges were encountered due to the 9/11 tragedy occurring during the project, which mandated many design changes.  There was also a significant delay in getting the structural permit approved, which in-turn delayed the overall completion date and triggered re-sequencing of certain tasks.  Meridian participated in the resolution of these challenges and subsequent claims analyses.  Meridian also provided pay application reviews, change order review, disruption planning and involvement with several enabling projects and closeout of the project with ADOT&PF’s

Owner: Alaska Dept. of Transportation & Public Facilities
Project Cost: $230+ million
Designer: McCool Carlson Green
Contractor: Kiewit

As one of the major enabling projects for the construction of the new Concourse ‘C’ project, Meridian (under a subconsultant agreement with Parsons Brinkerhoff) provided resident engineer and field inspection services for this two-phased project at the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport.  In order to reroute the existing electrical power service, 2,668 linear feet of new medium voltage duct bank was constructed, including conductors, vaults and transformers.  The new alignment routed the utility through the operational aircraft aprons of both Concourses ‘A’ and ‘B’.  Intense pre-construction planning required the coordination of construction activities with airline schedules and ground crews, while maintaining all mandatory FAA and airport security procedures.  Due to a late start in the fall, the work was done on a 24 hour/day schedule until completed.  The project was additionally challenged by the prime contractor going out of business during the project, and the surety having to bring in a new contractor to complete the work.
Owner: Alaska Dept. of Transportation & Public Facilities
Project Cost: $3.2 million
Designer: AMC Engineers
Contractor: Vista Electrical Contractors & Arctic Electric

Private, Commercial & Non-Profit

Tight budgets and schedules are the norm for most projects, and Meridian is no stranger to these constraints. We have managed numerous projects for private for-profit and non-profit companies to meet business plan objectives. Our clients have had a wide range of expertise with completing capital projects, from small non-profits whose goal is one building, to national companies with large capital programs.


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Meridian was the first entity hired in this project that constructed an 1,100 person capacity church, which is the largest Catholic church in Alaska.  Because the parish’s building committee consisted of volunteers with varying degrees of experience with capital projects, Meridian worked closely with them to educate them on each step of the project.  We created a formal RFP process for selection of the architecture firm, general contractor, as well as the required liturgical consultant.

A CM@Risk delivery method was utilized and Meridian collaborated with the parish, contractor and designer during the design phase to modify the scope to get it within budget.  Meridian managed the parish’s FF&E program that included a large number of specialty contractors to design and construct (often custom) liturgical furnishings including the baptismal font, pews, altar, ambo, corpus, stations of the cross and stained glass windows.During construction, Meridian’s project manager worked full-time on-site to administer the contractor’s GMP contract, monitored progress and work quality, coordinated IBC special inspectors, helped resolve RFI and cost issues, maintained all project documentation, reviewed pay applications, chaired weekly progress meetings, interfaced with the lender (FNBA) and Archdiocese, and provided weekly tours to parishioners and interested parties.

Owner: St. Andrew Parish
Project Cost: $11 million
Designer: Architects Alaska Inc.
Contractor: Ken Brady Construction

Meridian provided full-time, on-site construction management to this fast-track project in Wrangell, Alaska, that completely remodeled a land-based processor from a retort-canning operation to a fresh-frozen H&G operation.  The scope included a new central refrigeration plant for a new six-lane tunnel freezer and two new blast freezers (Wyatt Refrigeration), six new automated production lines (RYCO), all new electrical utility service and switchgear (Harris Electric), structural addition and significant modifications (design by BBFM Engineers), new roof panels, new internal slabs, new sprinkler piping (Accel), remodeled egg room and equipment, new exterior pile-supported structural slab for future RSW receiving tanks.  Meridian provided coordination for significant owner-furnished materials and services, and was instrumental in obtaining the State construction permit, which required significant analysis by a third-party consultant (FIRE Services).

Meridian did not manage the budget and financing for this project.  The owners subsequently went into bankruptcy and the facility was purchased by Trident Seafoods.

Owner: Wrangell Seafoods Inc.
Project Cost: $7 million
Designer: n/a
Contractor: Multiple Prime Contractors

Meridian was hired shortly after the designer and contractor were hired in order to manage the construction phase of the work. We provided document review, master budget and cost accounting, site inspections, resolution of wetland issues, RFI and submittal coordination, coordination of IBC special inspection, pay application and change order management and coordination of owner furnished equipment.
Owner: Great Alaskan Holidays, Inc.
Project Cost: $5 million
Designer: Black + White Studio Architects
Contractor: MCN Construction

Meridian provided planning and pre-construction services for a multi-year renovation of the exteriors of a 42-unit condominium development in Anchorage. The proposed work included selective re-siding, housewrap, flashings and balcony replacements.  Meridian worked with the homeowners’ association and developed the scope of work and drafted a solicitation for contractor bids.  Bids were obtained and the contract was awarded.
Owner: Potlatch Circle Townhouses Condominiums Association, Inc.
Project Cost: $1.25 million
Designer: n/a
Contractor: Alaska Treeline, Inc.

Meridian provided project management services for the major renovation and relocation of an outpatient psychiatric care facility in Anchorage.  Construction included abatement, and new air-handling, electrical systems and a new commercial kitchen and dining room.  The project delivery method employed was CM@Risk and contractor was selected on qualifications based criteria and they were involved in the design-development phase to review constructability issues and develop their not-to-exceed price that fit within the owner’s budget.  Electrical and mechanical portions were completed using design-build processes.
Owner: Southcentral Foundation
Project Cost: $500k
Designer: Architects Alaska
Contractor: Alaska Road Boring Co.

Occupant Relocation & Planning

Whether a component of new construction or a standalone occupant relocation project, Meridian has managed many occupant relocations, including some of the largest in the state.  Applying project management fundamentals, we work closely with the client to plan well in advance of the move and develop a formal plan, including how IT systems will be addressed.  Communication of the plan with stakeholders is always a key success factor when executing the plan to avoid the chaos and frustration commonly associated with occupant relocations.

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Meridian worked as a subcontractor to the general contractor to plan and manage the phased relocation of approximately 1,500 federal employees into a swing space and then back to their original locations for a major HVAC rebuild at the Anchorage Federal Building and US Courthouse.  This involved meeting with over 100 distinct occupant groups (e.g. federal agencies, and sub-departments) in a building encompassing 600,000 square feet. Groups of approximately 100 employees at a time were relocated over weekends into the swing space, including phones, faxes, networks and physical belongings. There were several significant coordination efforts to address various agencies’ special sensitivities including evidence lockers, ATF weapons, court files, judges’ chambers, secure networks, security systems, duress alarms, etc.

Meridian spent significant time developing the formal Occupant Relocation Plan, and employed a skilled project team to execute the plan. Coordination between the general contractor, IT subcontractor, movers, systems furniture installers and occupants was required. Multiple sequential move meetings occurred with each occupant group and their move captains to address special considerations and answer all questions.

Owner: General Services Administration
Project Cost: n/a
Designer: n/a
Contractor: Unit-Kanag’Iq JV

Meridian completed the occupant relocation coordination for ConocoPhillips’s Tower Aesthetic Upgrade, which included 15 floors and 265,000 square feet.  Meridian developed an Occupant Relocation & Planning Plan that was fully integrated into the construction schedule and allowed continuous business operation while minimizing inconvenience and discomfort.  The scope was developed through many meetings and interviews with stakeholders and communicated in multiple scheduled meetings.  A phasing plan and schedule was developed where each floor was divided into two sections and each section would be remodeled at a time.  Occupants would be relocated to a temporary space on a Thursday so expedited construction could proceed, and then return the following Monday when the work was done.  Significant coordination and communication was required to address IT systems, larger equipment and secured rooms for personal belongings.
Owner: ConocoPhillips
Project Cost: n/a
Designer: n/a
Contractor: Criterion General Inc.

Meridian coordinated the reconfiguration of the systems furniture and building remodel on the 64,000 square foot 4th floor of the Anchorage Federal Building & US Courthouse.  Meridian developed the scope, schedule and pricing and coordinated the contractors through execution and closeout.  Meridian coordinated the procurement, disassembly, storage and reinstallation of systems furniture, and relocated in eight phases approximately 300 employees into a temporary swing space while accommodating telecom and networking systems.
Owner: Bureau of Land Management
Project Cost: n/a
Designer: n/a
Contractor: Kanag’Iq Construction

Under a subconsultant agreement with Criterion General, Meridian managed the temporary relocation of staff and materials for an interior remodel of the New York Life Insurance Company’s Anchorage office.  The space was broken into smaller areas and the remodel was phased accordingly.  Meridian coordinated with project stakeholders to plan and execute the relocations so the remodel could be completed smoothly, and mitigate impacts to ongoing operations.
Owner: New York Life Insurance Co.
Project Cost: n/a
Designer: ECI/Hyer
Contractor: Criterion General